Here at AVPC, we want to take seriously the call and command to love our neighbors as ourselves, thus following the example of Christ and his sacrificing love for us. We believe that word and deed ministries are important, and we want to operate as a kingdom outpost, pointing others to Christ.



Mercy Team

Our Mercy Team’s vision is to demonstrate with humility the love and mercy of Jesus in order to advance gospel-centered reconciliation and restoration among people who are in need. We desire to reach out with integrity and compassion to minister to the lost and broken among us. This team meets monthly to discuss congregational and community needs, involvement with community ministries, and to formulate how we can best demonstrate the love and mercy of Christ to those in need.



Community Involvement

Our AVPC church family is committed to walking alongside you and responding to the needs of members and our neighbors alike. Through the AVPC Mercy Team, we provide opportunities for those in our church family to be aware of and involved with individuals and organizations from our community to provide support, encouragement. These opportunities include partnering with community organizations and ministries listed below:


Christian Service Mission

Oak Mountain Missions Ministries

The Forgotten Initiative

Restoration Academy

Foundations Early Learning & Family Center