Value that which has brought glory to God in the past; 
Embrace that which brings glory to God in the present;
Impact that which will bring glory to God in the future.



Worship is all about God, and not about us. People are helped most when they remember that God is at the center of life and when they give him the honor that is due him. So our worship is Christ-centered and grace-oriented.


In our worship of God, we desire to utilize both traditional and contemporary worship elements.  Thus, our worship is blended, both in musical style and liturgy.  It is also our desire to encourage, educate, and equip members and visitors in the areas of worship and worship leading. 



About Our Worship Ministry


Worship Vision Statement

Beginning with AVPC corporate worship, believers and unbelievers will be so impacted by the glory and goodness of God and the message of the gospel that they will develop a passion for a lifestyle of worship.


Worship Mission Statement

We plan to foster a loving community where members will be educated, encouraged, and equipped to worship God daily—through personal, family, and corporate worship—in such a way that lives of both believers and unbelievers will be changed for the glory of God.


Worship Core Values

We are committed to fostering biblical, gospel-centered worship that brings glory to God, edifies the church, and evangelizes the unbeliever.

We are committed to fostering a loving, safe environment for worship.

We are committed to fostering personal, family, and corporate worship.

We are committed to fostering the worship gifts given to all of God’s people.

We are committed to fostering a deep reliance on God to give us hearts of worship.


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Join us as we meet to worship at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM.

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