Being part of a family means everyone does their part to help – whether it’s washing dishes or mowing the grass – each person pitches in for the good of the entire family.


While everyone who attends AVPC are not related to one another, we are very much, family, and we have a variety of ways in which you can volunteer to help your church family.



Our Current Needs



Did you know it takes at least 40 people every Sunday to make sure our worship services are the best we have to offer to our Lord and Savior? God deserves nothing less! A very important part of that number of people are the ones who work behind the scenes, whom you never see, but you see their handiwork every Sunday.


Do you have a pre-teen that needs community service hours? Or are you just bored and need something to do for a couple hours a week? Having the sanctuary ready for Sunday services takes very little time, but make a huge difference to attendees. The only qualification needed is an attention to detail, and a few hours time on Friday.


We would love to have a volunteer ( or two – bring a friend!) come straighten the hymnals, Bibles, papers and registration pads that are found on the pew backs, restocking as needed.



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