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The Diaconate of AVPC has created a new mercy ministry opportunity called the Handyman Service Team. We seek to focus God’s love and Christ’s compassion upon the church body in a tangible way.  This team is comprised of volunteers from within our church body who are willing and able to use their spiritual gifts, talents, skills, and time, to assist members who are physically unable to complete small tasks around their homes.  We invite both men and women, youth and adults to volunteer for this Team and to serve as you can and as you feel you are called.


To sign up for this service opportunity, please click here for the form:

If you have questions, please contact Matt Jackson at mtjlegal@aol.com



Being in a family means supporting and helping each other when help is needed. As part of our restructure of volunteers, due to an increase in the number of children and increased events as well, we have reinstated the system previously used for volunteer sign-up – the “opt out” system. This means if you are a member of the AVPC church family, you are automatically entered into our pool of volunteers – unless you “opt out”. Please complete the form below to choose your service area.


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