ENFOLD Ministry (Encouraging and Nurturing Families and Others Living with Disabilities)

Altadena Valley desires to welcome and enfold those with disabilities of any kind. All are image-bearers of God and, in Christ, all have gifts to use to build up the body of believers.


The desire of our ENFOLD Ministry is to break down barriers that keep individuals with disabilities and their families from being able to fully participate in the life of the church. We do this by facilitating inclusion within the church for both the individual and their family.


We have an experienced team available to meet with families or individuals to discuss needs or desires in this arena. See the ENFOLD Vision and Mission below, as well as a list of point people who would love to get to know you and start the conversation.



A church family where all members are indispensable



1) Individual Enfolding: Help individuals with disabilities enfold in the Body and use their gifts to serve

2) Family Shepherding: Support families navigating challenges in connecting with the Body

3) Congregational Equipping: Equip the Body to care well for families impacted by disability


Children’s Ministry: Catie Lumpkin (catie@avpc.org)

Corporate Worship: Heather Sommer (heather@avpc.org)

Assistant Pastor: Blake Harris (blake@avpc.org)

“On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.”
I Corinthians 12:22