How Do I Get Involved?

The first step of involvement at AVPC by most people is attendance at one of the Sunday morning worship services. That’s a great place to start. But a church is more than a worshiping community. It is also a learning and serving community of people. So, after getting a feel for the church through its worship services, consider taking a next step into one of the following:



Adult Sunday School

This is often the next step for most people, due its convenient meeting time between our two worship services. These classes are designed to help people grow in their knowledge of God and in their relationships with one another. Check out the links for further information and join in with one of these classes at any time. List Adult Sunday School classes with a toggle “+” sign for a detailed description.

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Small Groups

Our Small groups provide a great opportunity to work out the application of your faith. Groups meet on campus or in homes and focus on Bible study, personal application, and prayer for one another. Meeting times and days vary according to group preferences.

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How Do I Become a church Member?

The membership process consists of four basic parts: an application, attendance at a membership event, Session interview and approval and public reception. A membership application can be obtained at any time from the church office, or one will be given to you at a membership event. Return completed forms to the church office.


Membership Events are held four times a year and are designed to give you an introduction to this church, including its theology, its pastors and its philosophy of ministry. Events are held either on a Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on staff availability. These events are announced well in advance or you can call the church office with your questions.

Both an application and attendance at a membership event are required for a Session interview. The interview consists of two of our ruling elders (the members of our ruling church Board) meeting with you for the purpose of hearing about your relationship with Jesus Christ.


After your interview with the two elders, they will make a recommendation to the entire Session regarding your membership. After being received by the Session, we will schedule a date with you so that you can come forward during a worship service and be welcomed into the membership of the church.